Inclement Weather Policy

Magic Waters and the Aquatics Department have developed the following guidelines to help provide clear expectations on days with questionable weather.

To help determine whether the closing of a facility is necessary, during public swim hours or swim lessons (excluding RPD Competitive Swim Program), at least one of the below guidelines should be met.

  1. The forecasted high temperature for the day is 70 degrees or less.
  2. The chance for precipitation during the day is 70% or greater.
  3. If the facility has already opened and inclement weather is observed/approaching the facility:
    1. We may temporarily shut down all water attractions during normal business hours in a severe weather situation.  The water attraction will be operational again as soon as the inclement weather has passed.
    2. We may close the facility for the day and declare a “rain day”
      1. It will be declared a rain day if:
        1. The inclement weather will result in the closing of water attractions for up to or more than 2 consecutive hours.
        2. The inclement weather will prevent the re-opening of water attractions, before the scheduled closing time.*

*Rain day passes will not be issued if we close within 1 hour of the scheduled closing time.

  1.  If we do close for the day due to inclement weather your ticket will be valid for a complimentary return visit any time during the current season, so hang on to all of your tickets and receipts.

If the facility is not going to open at all, the decision will be made by 7:30am and communicated appropriately.**

**If it is necessary to cancel both A.M. and P.M. swim lessons the call will be made at this time.   However, P.M. lessons may not be cancelled at this time, but re-evaluated later in the afternoon. The final decision on P.M. lessons will be made and communicated by 3:30pm.      

All weather related updates will be posted on, Magic Waters Facebook Page, main line voicemails, and all RPD customer service staff will be notified.

The above are guidelines and staff reserve the right to close the facility as deemed necessary due to inclement weather or other relevant factors.