Screaming Lizard

Coming in 2017!

Last fall, Magic Waters Waterpark held a contest to name the AquaLoop, the number one waterslide citizens and waterpark users wanted to see at Magic Waters Waterpark based on results from an online survey.

After reviewing hundreds of entries, Magic Waters Waterpark staff chose “Screaming Lizard” as the perfect name for the exciting new thrill ride that has riders go from 0 to 37 mph in two seconds.

Screaming Lizard is a looping water slide on a 45-degree angle that provides an adrenaline rush with the utmost safety.

Screaming Lizard drops single riders down a near-vertical slide and into an inclined loop. Riders start in an enclosed capsule with a trap door that opens, sending riders into a full looping slide in a matter of seconds, defying gravity. 

Construction Photos