Screaming Lizard

Screaming Lizard is a new looping water slide opening summer 2017. This water slide is on a 45-degree angle and riders go from 0 to 37 mph in seconds, basically defying gravity. Screaming Lizard drops single riders down a near-vertical slide and into an inclined loop with the utmost safety.

Riders start in an enclosed capsule with a trap door that opens beneath them, sending riders into a full looping slide in a matter of seconds. Another great part about Screaming Lizard is the visual impact as family and friends get to watch riders zoom through a translucent tube.

Did you know? Screaming Lizard speed is faster than a killer whale swims or a leopard runs.

Screaming Lizard Safety Features

  • Must be 48'' tall to ride

  • Must be between 100-300 pounds to ride

  • Screaming Lizard is a looping waterslide with built in sensors that monitor water flow, air pressure, and ride occupancy.

  • If a sensor detects an issue, the ride will basically “shut down” and will not be operational again until lifeguards inspect all sensors and hit multiple “clear” buttons

  • In case of a power outage, there is a manual override to exit the enclosed capsule at the top of the waterslide

  • It’s not guaranteed that every rider will make the loop which is part of the thrill. At the bottom of the loop is an opening where riders can step out onto a landing and exit the waterslide


  • Must be 48'' tall to ride


  • 100- 300 lbs

Screaming Lizard Fast Facts

  • Top speed: 37 mph

  • Total height: 54 ft

  • Total length: 248 ft

  • Max G’s: 3.0

  • Ride time: 8 seconds

  • Number of Stairs to Top of Slide: 89