Private Rental Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When can guests arrive at the park for the private rental?

Guests may enter the park at 4:00 pm on the day of the outing.

When can the private rental guests use the attractions?

All attractions will be closed from 6:00-6:30 pm as we clear the park of the general public.

How do you know who is part of the private rental?

When private rental guests enter the park, they will receive a colored wristband that must be worn to identify that guest as a private rental guest.

Do I need a ticket for the rental?

Yes, all private rental guests will need a ticket before they can enter the park. This includes children and infants.

How do I get tickets for the rental?

Your organization’s private rental coordinator will issue the tickets. This may be before or the evening of the event.

Can I buy or get tickets the evening of the rental?

This is depends on your organization. For more information, please contact your organization’s party coordinator.

Are tubes free for the rental?

Yes, show your wristband at the tube rental area to get your free tube!

Are cabanas free for the rental?

Cabanas are available for rent for a special reduced rate during your rental. For current rates, please speak with a Magic Waters staff member.

Would you cancel the private rental due to rain or cold weather?

There are many factors we review before closing the park or canceling a rental. If we have to close for the day due to inclement weather, we will be in contact with your organization’s party coordinator. Your coordinator may choose to book a rain date or cancel.

Can we bring in food for the rental?

Outside caterers are not allowed during your rental. All parties must follow our Outside Food Policy.

I am a season pass holder. Can I use my season pass to attend the rental?

Season passes are only valid during general operating hours and are not valid during private events.