Screaming Lizard Equipped with Safety Features

How loud can you scream?? Screaming Lizard at Magic Waters Waterpark, 7820 CherryVale North Blvd., Cherry Valley drops single riders down a near-vertical slide and into a 45-degree inclined loop with the utmost safety. Riders start in an enclosed capsule with a trap door that opens beneath them, sending riders into a full looping slide in a matter of seconds.

Before the slide opened to the public earlier this year, Magic Waters Waterpark lifeguards underwent dozens of training sessions on how to help riders who don't make it over the loop safely exit the slide.

Screaming Lizard Fast Facts

  • Top speed: 37 mph
  • Total height: 54 feet
  • Total length: 248 feet
  • Max G's: 3.0
  • Ride time: 8 seconds or less
  • Number of Stairs to Top of Slide: 89

Screaming Lizard Safety Features

  • Must be 48'' tall to ride
  • Must be between 100-300 pounds to ride
  • Screaming Lizard is a looping waterslide with built in sensors that monitor water flow, air pressure, and ride occupancy. 
  • If a sensor detects an issue, the ride will basically “shut down” and will not be operational again until lifeguards inspect all sensors and hit multiple “clear” buttons
  • In case of a power outage, there is a manual override to exit the enclosed capsule at the top of the waterslide
  • It’s not guaranteed that every rider will make the loop which is part of the thrill. At the bottom of the loop is an opening where riders can step out onto a landing and exit the waterslide