Outside Food & Drink Policy

For everyone’s safety, we do not allow outside food or coolers into the waterpark. Factory-sealed beverages and empty water bottles are allowed into the facility. We have water fountain fill stations throughout the waterpark.

We will also make exceptions for dietary restrictions as well as baby food and formula. Upon entry to the waterpark all bags are subject to inspection, just let our team members know you plan to bring items into the facility due to specific dietary exceptions or baby food and formula.

If you wish to bring your own food, we have picnic space available outside of the waterpark in our parking lots. In our south lot, you can enjoy Luau Lanes, which we have been expanded to include the north lot for 2018. In addition to picnic tables, we have added a new shade structure into our parking lot for additional picnic space. We do allow re-entry into the waterpark.

Though we strive to serve our popular food options such as ice cream, nachos, pizza and funnel cakes, we also provide a variety of healthy options including frozen fruit, chicken wraps, smoothies, salmon and salads to name a few. For additional information on specific waterpark food offerings please visit our page:

Prohibited Items:

  • Food (Exceptions for baby food, formula and special dietary restrictions)
  • Glass
  • Knives
  • Alcohol
  • Grills
  • Firearms/Ammunition
  • Floatation Devices and Noodles
  • Non Coast Guard Approved Lifejackets
  • Tents
  • Fireworks
  • Spiked Clothing or Jewelry
  • Use of drones on waterpark property

Luau Lane Picnic Areas

Located in the south parking lot, four Luau Lanes provide a shaded area for families to tailgate together.

The Lanes are equipped with picnic tables, garbage receptacles, and recycling containers. Please remember to help keep your waterpark clean and green – recycle!